Beyond Episode List


IV / 40 - Old Father Christmas

Original Air Date - 12/23/06
Victorian images of a jolly plump old imp, who brings children presents at Christmas, is a product of fiction, Coca-Cola marketing and religious adaptation. However, the factual pagan sources upon which the character was based is far more sinister and disturbing than many are aware.

IV / 41 - The Holy Grail

Original Air Date - 12/30/07
The Grail has influenced our society in three ways and on three different levels. These impressions of the grail are examined and the ways in which modern society is impacted by both the legendary and not so legendary symbol are brought forth.


IV / 42 - Da Vinci Code

Original Air Date - 01/06/07
The code is exposed, but what inspired the people who created the hoax that captured the minds of millions remains a compelling and provocative mystery. A mystery, which when cross referred with other episodes in this season, points to more than just a religious conspiracy.

IV / 43 - The Masons

Original Air Date - 01/13/07
A brave new land is forged by a group of Masons. A new democracy, which within 200 years comes to rule the world through economic means, is symbolized by twin pillars. The Beyond team interviews a Grand Mason in his temple in one of the most candid interviews ever given by a Mason on camera.

One of our most controversial episodes ever.

IV / 44 - Vampires

Original Air Date - 01/20/07
Beyond examines the earliest accounts of the Vampire phenomenon and how they are interwoven with other supernatural predators. The product is a look that goes deeper than the popular aspects of the myth explored by Bram Stoker or modern Goth culture.

IV / 45 - Elementals

Original Air Date - 01/27/07
Wraiths, sprites, fairies, leprechauns, trolls, etc., the modern view of most elementals is largely harmless and quaint but the reality of these strange creatures could be far more sinister and disturbing than one might think.

IV / 46 - Triangles

Original Air Date - 02/03/07
An examination of natural phenomena that are likely explanations for the strangely perplexing events that have been observed and recorded in the triangle regions since 1492.

IV / 47 - Reincarnation

Original Air Date - 02/10/07
Although reincarnation can be examined in its simplest form as rebirth after death, there are several forms of reincarnation that about one third of the world's population believes in. We examine both the religious and philosophical aspects of reincarnation as well as conduct interviews with different practitioners ranging from a theology professor who has glimpsed an unusual model of reincarnation to a para-psychology professor who has experience with Indian Reincarnation, a Buddhist, channelers, a Mason and an hypnotist involved in past life regressions. The common ground offers a fresh perspective on one of the oldest belief systems in the world for life after death.

IV / 48 - Monsters

Original Air Date - 02/17/2007
A disturbing look at first hand, eye witness experiences of monsters and what follows in the wake of their appearances.

IV / 49 - The Spear of Destiny

Original Air Date - 02/24/2007
An introductory history of the Spear of Destiny is coupled with some enlightening post war information on the artifact that inspired Steven Spielberg's film "The Raiders of the Lost Ark".

IV / 50 - Death

Original Air Date - 03/03/07
Definition of clinical death is not precise. The Beyond research team discovered seven forms of life that survive clinical death within the body. With such concrete evidence, which blurs the border between life and death, it is hard to accept our current medical definitions, which are almost 200 years out of date.
What follows is definitions of death as perceived by academics, scientists, theologians, regligionists, philosophers and paranormal practitioners. The overall outcome is somewhat liberating.

IV / 51 - The Final Myth

Original Air Date - 03/10/07
The function of Death exposed from an observational and even scientific perspective. Experts, eye witnesses and practitioners were all asked the same question in this episode. “What is death?” Their answers seemed to indicate for us that one of our fundamental beliefs is merely the final myth.

IV / 52 - Conclusions IV

Original Air Date - 03/17/07
Experts, actors and crew who have worked on the series discuss some of the remarkable events and discoveries made during the shooting of the season.


III / 27 - Channeling

Original Air Date - 09/23/06
Channeling has been used by psychics and mediums for thousands of years as a way of bringing information from the beyond to this world. The whole process is examined in this episode and an extraordinary channel is recorded who presents a very different representation of our universe and what life actually is.

For more information about the entity being channeled on this episode, Joshiah, go to

III / 28 - Supernatural Predators

Original Air Date - 09/30/06
A look at the deep and dark origins of a creature called the rugarou that appears to have been granted the ability to track, torment, feed on, or even kill human beings. This creature has been spotted in China, France, Louisiana and, oddly enough, the Saskatchewan Prairies in Canada.

III / 29 - Body Memories

Original Air Date - 10/07/06
Cases of organ transplants that bring with them memories, information and in some cases even contact from the previously deceased donors. We explore cellular memory in depth, which seems to explain this phenomenon.

III / 30 - Haunted Objects

Original Air Date - 10/14/06
Exploring the phenomenon of objects that are haunted. Objects in some cases that are sold in forums such as eBay for as much as $60,000. Interviews with exorcists who have been involved with haunted objects are explored and cases of a haunted painting, a haunted glass and a haunted closet are all investigated.

III / 31 - Thought

Original Air Date - 10/21/06
Examinations of how the structure of water is influenced by its surrounding environment including music, thoughts, and even words. We are comprised mainly of water and as such, these discoveries have a deep relevance to our functions and effectiveness as human beings. We also explore how this relates to the quantum universe.

III / 32 - Sexual Demons

Original Air Date - 10/28/06
Sexual predators are from beyond the borders of normal reason. These "demons" are believed to drain the life from their prey through sexual means. Sometimes they draw the life completely from them and at other times they keep them as a source of energy for years.

III / 33 - New Order

Original Air Date - 11/04/06
A generation of super psychic children seems to have been born into our world. Although first spotted in 100,000's of children in China and examined and tested by the Chinese Government, the phenomenon is worldwide and seems mainly to be present in children currently aged between 5 and 12 years old. We had the opportunity to interview two of these children.

III / 34 - Pyramids

Original Air Date - 11/11/06
The mystery of the pyramids are discussed with reference, not only to recent information related to the stars, calendars, and aliens but more importantly to their measurable effect on preserving everything from razor blades to food and for reducing the effects of aging.

III / 35 - Fortean Mysteries

Original Air Date - 11/18/06
The phenomenon of unusual occurrences such as things like spiders, fish, or frogs falling from the skies was once dismissed as unbelievable but now, with instant global communications and newsgathering systems, it and many other phenomena are provable events.

III / 36 - Coral Castle

Original Air Date - 11/25/06
A Coral Castle exists in Florida that was built by one penniless immigrant from Yugoslavia with just a saw, a hammer and a chisel. This castle is mainly comprised of slabs of coral that weigh in from 9 to 30 tons. Ed Leedskalnin, an amazing yet tiny man built it from the ground up, as a symbol of his unrequited love for a girl who rejected him back in his home country.

III / 37 - Cattle Mutilations

Original Air Date - 12/02/06
The great mystery of cattle mutilations has been thoroughly investigated and documented by the FBI. They ruled out hoaxes, government testing, insurance scams, and animal or predator attacks. No satisfactory explanation has been discovered, but the RCMP does ask the media to downplay the reports of mutilation due to what they describe as a high degree of fear on farms where this phenomenon occurs.

Warning: Some footage may be disturbing to younger and sensitive viewers.

III / 38 - Brews & Potions

Original Air Date - 12/09/06
Old wives tales, superstitions and recipes for brews, potions and remedies were once dismissed as bizarre and lacking in foundation or scientific validity. However, many of the most effective pharmaceutical products in use today came from such sources. In this episode, we explore these origins.

III / 39 - Conclusions III

Original Air Date - 12/16/06
Experts, actors and crew who have worked on the series discuss some of the remarkable events and discoveries made during the shooting of the season.


II / 14 - Cults

Original Air Date - 04/13/05
A cult in Northern USA and their horrific practices exposed.

II / 15 - Ghost Hunters

Original Air Date - 04/20/05
The "Ghost Hunters" episode involves four camera crews and about 20 ghost hunters who investigated what is arguably Canada's most haunted site, Fort San, which is a disused Tuburculosis sanatorium in Fort Qu'appel , Saskatchewan in Canada . The team captured some amazing footage on camera: over 500 luminescent orbs, one ghost, a strange mist, two ectoplasms, and several Electronic Voice Phenomenon as well as a ghost sewing machine. It is a landmark program in the paranormal genre. No television company has ever caught so many phenomena in one episode before.

II / 16 - EVPs

Original Air Date - 04/27/05
Of all the ghost phenomena ever recorded the most compelling argument for proof of life beyond physical death is that of EVPs. Beyond's program, "EVPs" explores the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. This episode shows voices caught on recorders and cameras during the making of the "Beyond" series that could not have come from any living human source.

II / 17 - Upstairs

Original Air Date - 05/04/05
Corporate Psychics. The use of psychic information used in business today.

II / 18 - Psychics

Original Air Date - 05/11/05
Examining the process of psychics and considering the psychics who have been considered academically "correct" since the emergence of the discipline in the 19th Century.

II / 19 - NDEs

Original Air Date - 05/18/05
Fascinating in-depth exploration of Near Death Experiences and the theories that go towards explaining what is at play in these enigmatic events.

II / 20 - Tesla

Original Air Date - 05/25/05
An exploration of the spiritual beliefs and the conceptual influences on what is arguably the most productive scientist of the 20th Century. Also, a look into modern technical aspects of his work being employed today by hydro/electric companies and town councils in North America.

II / 21 - Shamans

Original Air Date - 06/01/05
Explorations into Shamanism and interviews with shamans.

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II / 22 - Exorcism

Original Air Date - 06/08/05
Exorcism deals with the disturbing subject of demonic possession and focuses on, what is perhaps, the most famous of exorcism in recent times, that of the possession that the hugely successful feature film “The Exorcist." In some ways the true story is even more terrifying than the fictionalized feature film.

II / 23 - Witchcraft

Original Air Date - 06/15/05
Practices of Modern witchcraft and interviews with a male witch.

II / 24 - Spells

Original Air Date - 06/22/05
Making Sense of spells, their beliefs, history, and how they work.

II / 25 - Mind Control

Original Air Date - 06/29/05
In the 1960's, the CIA set up a department of Mind Control. They discovered a link between the Schulman Cavity, Tesla's discoveries of the 8.6 megacycle hum (that all life on earth requires in order for the brain to function), and the effects of the plasmasphere on our thinking processes. Manipulations of the EM fields are the medium through which it is believed that mind control is possible. Disruptions in the EM field are also recorded during paranormal occurrences including hauntings, crop circles and UFO encounters. Dr. Colin Ross M.D. also discusses his research on illegal and immoral CIA experiements in Mind Control.

II / 26 - Conclusions II

Original Air Date - 07/06/05
Experts, actors and crew who have worked on the series discuss some of the remarkable events and discoveries made during the shooting of the season.


I / 01 - Ghosts

Original Air Date - 01/12/05
Episode one presents the thesis, with supporting evidence, that plasma, which the brain uses to fire the synapses, survives the body and is evidenced by the plasma orbs recorded on video at thousands of haunted sites. The plasma balls are about the same weight and size as the amount of plasma in the brain. Under controlled conditions, energy has been monitored in corpses which surges and leaves the body. Once this energy leaves the body, the body becomes truly inactive and all organs cease to function. This energy can be observed leaving the body up to three days following death. The conclusion then becomes that ghosts are really balls of plasma having left the brain following death.

I / 02 - Poltergeists

Original Air Date - 01/19/05
The world is a predatory environment as is the cosmos. From black holes to bacteria, everything needs food in order to exist. Evidence is examined suggesting that earthbound spirits of the dead stimulate fear in the living in order to feed off their emotions. This can lead to depression, obsession and even “welfare psychics.” Carl Jung points the way to rectifying the situation by learning to generate a positive response to such stimulus as poltergeists.

I / 03 - Hauntings

Original Air Date - 01/26/05
An examination of the huge diversity of hauntings that are most often reported around the world.
The findings are sometimes exciting.

I / 04 - Beyond Death

Original Air Date - 02/02/05
Proof of life beyond death.

I / 05 - The Predatory Universe

Original Air Date - 02/09/05
From supernovas to ant colonies the universe is predicated on a predatory model. What if the supernatural universe is the same way?

I / 06 - Signs

Original Air Date - 02/16/05
UFOs - extraordinary footage.

I / 07 - Earth Signs

Original Air Date - 02/23/05
"Signs" is an exposé of the UFO phenomena that shows some footage of UFOs rarely aired. The program proposes a source of origin for UFOs not often explored. An explanation that links mysteries of the pyramids with dimensional physics, natural phenomena in our solar system, volcanoes, UFO sightings, crop circles and the controversial face on Mars. A possible solution to the mystery that evolved from researchers at the University of Toronto is explored.

I / 08 - Heaven

Original Air Date - 03/02/05
A new understanding of light and the way it works and interacts with the universe, physics, time, humanity, and life after death.

I / 09 - Healing

Original Air Date - 03/09/05
Miracle cures, the power of prayer, the power of the mind and alternative healing that seems to succeed. First episode of two.

I / 10 - Healing Part II

Original Air Date - 03/16/05
Miracle cures, the power of prayer, the power of the mind and alternative healing that seems proven to succeed. Second episode of two.

I / 11 - Supernature

Original Air Date - 03/23/05
The science that is currently working to prove certain Supernatural phenomena.

I / 12 - Prophecy

Original Air Date - 03/30/05
Prophetic communications that overlap and make the same prophecies despite the fact that none of them were aware of the others. The episode explores the Bible Code, The Mayan Codec, St. Malachi, and Edgar Cayce.

I / 13 - Conclusions I

Original Air Date - 04/06/05
Experts, actors, and crew who have worked on the series discuss some of the remarkable events and discoveries made during the shooting of the season.