About Beyond

BEYOND is a landmark series that presents experts from the field of academics and science who often confirm the phenomena being discussed. The series evolved from research conducted by 15 researchers at the University of Toronto for a special produced by Renegade in the 1990's. Their task was to find proof of life beyond physical death. They returned more than 6 bankers boxes of evidence. Far too much to put into a 90-minute television special. This prompted writer/director Steven Rumbelow to conduct further research and to eventually come up with the whole series of BEYOND. A total of 52 episodes by 2007.

You can see a list of episodes here or watch on Amazon Video. Looking to add to your paranormal library? Buy the DVDs here.


Season I and II Fast Facts

• Beyond had a 33-person crew.
• Throughout the two seasons there were 89 people seen on camera
           • 34 actors in 19 dramatic reconstructions 10 eye witness interviews
           •  8 Experts
           •  13 Practitioners
           •  14 Ghost Hunters
           •  10 crew on camera


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